This is what I do.

Jan just loves a challenge. Projects with a complex requirement or problem give him the possibility to outdo himself . Envisioning an elegant solution and making difficult things look simple is a core principle he uses for every project. This makes it easier for both the customer’s and his life.

Jan is definitely not a one trick pony. Due to his background as an IT Pro and Developer he is able to provide his clients a versatile skillset. Not only can he offer an off-the-shelf solution, but if possible he can also make it as tailored to the customer’s requirements as needed.

“The nice thing about having this skillset is that certain requests I receive might have been answered with a ‘not possible’ or ‘there is a paid addon’, but instead get a ‘yes, I can build it’ punch-line instead.”

Jan always tries to build long-term relationships with his customers and partners. A solution is not a one-time project or purchase, but a story that is converted into a practice, chapter by chapter.

Jan is a teamplayer and is always at your beck and call. Joining forces and sharing IT knowledge at work are major aspects of Inovativ’s success. Jan also writes a blog about his own ideas and best practices about his knowledge domains. If reading it helps even one person, it is worth sharing.